Join our
Virtual Sk8
from NSW to VIC

How does it work? 

All of Vic is on lock-down and they can't visit their favorite roller skating rink 'Rollerway Skate Centre'

However, everyone can still exercise and lots of people are still roller skating. 

So lets have some fun!

It's simple - Grab your favorite skate tracking app, your skates and go roller skating. 

Everyday, log your kms through this link - LOG MY KM's and we'll put all the KM's together and show how far we have gone together.

The team at Rollerway are skating North and we are skating south.

There are no rules other than - keep safe! 

And obviously we can't take any responsibility for your actions while you are skating - so please, make sure you are doing the right thing and obey all the rules (they are there to keep us safe).

Remember, it's a virtual skate and every KM counts - even if you skate in the rink - each lap is about 85 meters, so you can do the math easy.

We will start logging Km's from the 7th September 2020 - but the team down south have already started - we better catch up!


District Skate Oak Flats 1/137 Industrial Road Oak Flats, NSW 2529 (02 4257 6858)