Roller Hockey Players

Inline Hockey

Objectives of inline hockey stick and puck sessions

• To teach beginner players the basic stick and skating skills required to play the game of inline hockey. 
• To develop basic knowledge of the rules, scoring and refereeing.
• To develop an understating of basic teamwork through participation in specific drills and simplified games. 
• To improve physical fitness while having fun playing inline hockey. 
• To refine basic motor skills.
• To promote the concept of cooperative play and good sporting behaviour.

What do you need to start? 
Thursday nights will (at this stage) consist of two sessions

a) 7.30pm to 8.30pm ‘Stick and Puck Session’ Here we will learn the basics of hockey, skating with a puck, skating around cones both forwards and backwards, shooting, passing and drills eventually with a defenseman trying to stop you passing. (You will be required to attend this class to demonstrate competency before moving to the next stage of ‘Scrimmage’ (playing a game).

For the stick and puck session, you only require a Helmet, Stick, a Puck (we have some) and some blades (you can use hire blades) 

Helmets $139
Stick $129


b) 8.30pm to 9.30pm ‘Scrimmage’ Here we put into practice all of the things you have learned at the ‘stick and puck session’. This is a fun game for all level players that will run for 2x30min periods
To attend this session, you must have all of the personal protective equipment required for inline hockey.

Bag $79 (not required)
Helmet $139
Elbow pads $59
Shin guards $79
Gloves $69
Stick $129
Total $554 excluding skates 
Skates $279 - $1199


What does it cost?
Each player will be required to pay for or show that they hold current Inline Hockey Skate Australia insurance (approx. $80-100 pp per year) can be organised at the rink (not required to 'try' hockey)

Each week will cost $15pp for the full 2hr session

In the future, after we have ‘a club’ we will start a tournament – each week we will run games (depending on how many players we have signed up) 4x10min periods 40min game. The cost of games will be a part of your team registration and will need to be paid in full before the tournament. At this stage, we assume the tournament will replace ‘scrimmage’ and run during the school term.